about us

Vivoverde / about us
our values

Our journey is born out of passion and love for nature and of the recall of the ground where we are deeply rooted in.
We have been bold to venture forth new and uneasy paths, as pioneers not only of an art form but also of a trend that tends to recover the right cadence of life.
With tenacity and creativity, we have been able to achieve something extraordinary, through a slow and steady climb towards excellence.
Curiosity, comparison and sharing ideas have given us the opportunity to create and experience, to grow and to elevate with new experiences that have made us say: “to know you must have known”.

our mission

Thanks to a lighthearted but respectful attitude, Mother Nature gives us the opportunity to “play” with her, to create amazement and wonder through an absolute art form, to be able to connect man and nature through our artistic expression.
We make changing and ephemeral art works all over the world, in nature and thanks to nature.

our vision

We listen to the earth and admire nature, and thanks to our art, we redesign the landscape by exalting it.