Peter Hesshess

"land artist"

"Land Art" takes nature as its raw materials and as its setting. Many artists are involved in this area, and here I would like to focus on two in particular: Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga.
They are two practitioners who find in this medium their ideal complementarity: sensitivity, enthusiasm and firmness of purpose as against purity, exclusiveness and perfection. In a piece of Land Art we see a complete artistic achievement which, even if having a limited lifetime, communicates to the viewer a lasting sense of a natural event.
Gabriele is the seeker. With his eyes always alert to the freedoms in nature, he is continuously finding new ideas in the colours, shapes, fragrances and all the other qualities that Nature offers the person who knows how to observe.
He seems to me to find his satisfaction in the discoveries themselves.
On the other hand for Vincenzo the process of seeking and possessing is not enough. His impulse is to find the best way to add value and artistically transform what has been found.They are among those artisis who find their creative material in the wildness of Nature. Their working method has breadth of vision: leaving everyday life to immerse themselves in Nature which in its generosity offers so much. During the process of seeking that which is found is developed with the greatest respect, and its inherent value intensified. They go into great depth, developing each of the elements of the piece and achieving more intense and emotional nuances until it becomes heartbreaking to leave them.
All this develops an internal sense of "moving on" and the ability to let things go rather than to hang on to them. Art is concealed in abstraction.

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