artistic curriculum

Vivoverde / artistic curriculum
main activities

2017 Grindelwald (Switzerland), Belvedere Hotel:
a Land Art work is required for the week dedicated to music in the park.

2017 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
19th “International Land Art Festival”.

2017 Sofiero castle park in Helsingborg (Sweden):
a Land Art work is commissioned for the inauguration of the 2017 season.

2016 Kaunas (Lithuania):
teaching and training on the subject: “Land Art in accessible parks”.

2016 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
18th “International Land Art Festival”.

2016 St. Jean Sur Richelieu-Montreal (Canada):
1st International Land Art Meeting in a city park.

2015 “EXPO” – Milan (Italy):
speakers at the conference on “Natural Land Art” at the Expo Center “Cascina Triulza”.

2015 “EXPO” – Milan (Italy):
Committee members in the CALL of Land Art for the contest at “EXPO”.

2015 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
17th “International Land Art Festival”.

2015 Grindelwald (Switzerland), Belvedere Hotel:
solo-exhibition Land Art performance.

2014 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
16th “International Land Art Festival”.

2013 Grindelwald (Switzerland), Belvedere Hotel:
solo-exhibition Land Art performance.

2013 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
15th “International Land Art Festival”.

2012 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
14th “International Land Art Festival”.

2012 Opole (Poland):
Land Art meeting.

2012 Kaunas (Lithuania):
Land Art Meeting.

2012 “Humus Park” Pordenone (Italy):
workshop with New Zealand students.

2011 Alzey-Weinheim (Germany):
“1st International Land Art Meeting”.

2011 Plettenberg Bay – (South Africa):
“Site Specific Land Art Meeting”.

2011 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
13th “International Land Art Festival”.

2010 D&Co agency – Pordenone (Italy):
permanent installation “D&Co pencils”.

2010 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
12th International Land Art Festival.

2010 “Humus Park” Pordenone (Italy):
participation at the Land Art international meeting.

2009 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
11th International Land Art Festival.

2008 Abruzzo (Italy):
“ECOLANDART in Landscape” International workshop in the Sagittarius Valley.

2008 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
10th “International Land Art Festival”.

2007 Feherversturgo Castle (Hungary):
Land Art symposium for the Corvinus University of Budapest.

2007 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
9th International Land Art Festival.

2006 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
8th International Land Art Festival.

2006 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
8th “International Land Art Festival”.

2006 Lugano (Switzerland):
Biennial festival of Land Art in a private vineyard.

2005 Basel (Switzerland) “Gellertgut Park”:
installation in an urban public park.

2005 Basel (Switzerland):
7th “International Land Art Festival”.

2004 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
6th “International Land Art Festival”.

2004 San Vito al Tagliamento (Italy):
“Hicetnunc”, Contemporary Art Exhibition.

2003 Rihen (Basel) – (Switzerland):
“International Land Art Meeting” in a private park.

2003 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
5th “International Land Art Festival”.

2002 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
4th “International Land Art Festival”.

2002 Pordenone (Italy):
“Hicetnunc”, Contemporary Art Exhibition in San Vito al Tagliamento.

2001 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
3rd “International Land Art Festival”.

2000 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
2nd “International Land Art Festival”.

1999 Republic of San Marino:
“Vegetal Sculptures – Material objects”, personal exhibition.

1999 Grindelwald (Switzerland):
1st “International Land Art Festival”.

1999 Pordenone (Italy):
“Giardini Maledetti”/”Damned Gardens”, free interpretation of “The Flowers of Evil” by C. Baudelaire, Gallery of the Exhibition Center.

1998 Pordenone (Italy):
“Paradeisos”: processing with recycled materials (iron, wood, lead, stone, wax).

1996 Lugano (Switzerland):
testimonials at the “Fiori a Teatro” Meeting.


2014 “S. Quirino Prize” for Art and Innovation.

2000 1st prize “Biennial festival of Land Art”, Lugano (Switzerland).

2002 Pordenone Chamber of Commerce:
gold medal for the artistic contribution and economic progress to the city of Pordenone.

2000 1st Prize, “2nd International Land Art Festival, Grindelwald – Switzerland.

1999 1st prize, competition “La Storia”, Cormons – Italy.

1994 Special Award of the Municipality
of San Quirino – Pordenone – for the artistic creativity: “Flower Processing”.

1993 1st prize of the Popular Jury, 2nd prize
of the Technical Jury “Dolomiti Trophy”, Bolzano – Italy.

1992 1st absolute prize, “1st National Competition Bergamo Alta”, Bergamo – Italy.
Switzerland: Grindelwald Land Art festival (competition until 2012) 1st prizes and positioning  in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011.

artistic directions

From 2008 till today Pordenone – Italy, Coordination and artistic Direction of the “Humus Park” Internationale Land Art Meeting.

2015, 2016, 2017 Ceolini – Pordenone, Creation, organization and art-direction of the Land Art Meeting.

From 2014 till today Caneva-Polcenigo (PN) – Italy: Coordination and artistic direction of “Humus Park”, International biennial Land Art Meeting.

2003 Pordenone: “Ciamps”, created and directed the first international exhibition of Land Art in Pordenone.

abroad teachings

Taught in: Poland, Russia, France, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary.

italian teachings

Formative courses for elementary, middle, high school students and for art academies.

2015 Milano “EXPO”,  Land Art workshop pavilion “Cascina Triulza”.

November 2011: “The Work Water Route”. Documentary stage for S. Quirino elementary schools.

2011 from January to October: course on diversification of the not seen coulor (tactile and auditory) – Pordenone.


Venice, Academy of Fine Arts.
Hungary, Corvinus University.
Udine, Architecture faculty.
Milan, Expo 2015.