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gabriele meneguzzi

Gabriele Meneguzzi was born in San Quirino (Pordenone, Italy) on June 12th, 1949.
After graduating, he worked in the credit division for several years, during which he studied languages, ​​but he was attracted by art, especially drawing and watercolour, which he is taught to use by two teachers. But he is also attracted by the material arts, the three-dimensionality and especially by the natural materials. With Sponga Vincenzo he learns silk-screen techniques and precious metals manufacturing, in particular the silver fusion and repoussage.
After leaving his job, he chose the Swiss school for Artistic Formation  and experimentation of natural materials.
Currently he creates using what he finds in the woods, on the rivers and streams. Since 1974 he has been collaborating with Vincenzo Sponga; with him, in 1986 he opened a lab-store in Pordenone (Italy). Since 1999, Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga have been practicing Land Art, creating a strong partnership which is highly valued for the materials used for their creations: together, they represent Italy in various events around the world, receiving awards and prizes.
In 2002 he participated in the creation of “Ciamps”, the first Land Art event in Pordenone, with international artists, students of the Acade-my of Venice and some disabled artists.
Later in 2008, with Vincenzo Sponga, he created Humus Park, which has become an important biennial event of Land Art to which  foreign, Italian artists, students from two art schools and five fine arts academies  are invited.
Currently he is still its artistic curator.

vincenzo sponga

Vincenzo Sponga was born in Azzano Decimo (Pordenone, Italy) on March 16th, 1950.
After graduating from professional school, he studied advertising graphics. Since then, he has been working as a graphic for fifteen years, during which his interest in techniques led him to seek and experiment  new forms of art. He learned the art of screen printing and attended the training courses for the manufacturing of precious metals, glass blowing and ceramics. In Basel he learnt the technical processing of natural materials.
He opened a lab-store in Pordenone (Italy) in 1986, together with Gabriele Meneguzzi (with whom he has been collaborating since 1974). In this store, he shows and sells his works made with metals and materials taken from nature. At the end of the 90’s he began to create Land Art, and after various training experiences he participated many international events both personally and as a representative for Italy, together with Gabriele Meneguzzi.
In 2002 he had his first experience as a creative of an event:  “Ciamps”,  a meeting of Land Art, where international artists, students and Italian artists with disabilities were participating.
In 2008, his second event, Humus Park, was born, this time with foreign and Italian artists and the participation of high school and various fine arts academies’ students.
Vincenzo Sponga is currently its art curator.